Houston Matchmakers | 6 Surefire Signs He’s About to Propose

Man proposing to his girlfriend

Wondering if your boyfriend is going to pop the question? If you’re feeling the itch to get a ring on your finger but don’t know if he’s ready to pop the question, don’t fret. Our Houston matchmakers know the signs better than anyone. In this relationship blog, we’ll show you a few telltale signs to keep an eye out for.

Surefire Signs He’s About to Propose

Want to get to the bottom of your lingering question? Want to know if he’s as committed as you?

Today, our Houston matchmakers are going to show you the top signs he’s ready to propose.

  1. He’s been frugal lately.

If you notice that your boyfriend wants to cook you a meal at home instead of going out to eat, consider the fact that he may be saving up to buy that much anticipated ring. Maybe he’s been extra focused lately on saving up money in his bank account. Or perhaps you notice that he’s been cutting down on going out with the guys. Remember, engagement rings aren’t cheap, so he might be taking some time to save up and buy the one he really loves.

  1. He’s been checking out your jewelry.

Maybe he’s asked you questions about your jewelry style, looked thorough your jewelry box, or straight up asked you what size ring you wear. These are all signs he’s trying to get to know your style and ring size. Be sure to be honest with him about what you really like and what you’re not into – and maybe don’t question him too much when you find him snooping around your jewelry box.

  1. He is very close to your friends.

Have you noticed he’s texting your friends lately or they seem to have intense conversations while you’re in the kitchen making drinks? Maybe they’ve made eyes across the table like they know something is going on. It could be that he’s enlisted their help in picking out the perfect engagement ring and no one can hold in their excitement.

  1. He’s acting differently.

Maybe your guy is just acting a little different lately and you can’t figure out what’s going on. Does he seem like he’s hiding something or like he’s very nervous? Have you wondered what he’s thinking about when he’s staring off into the distance? He’s probably nervous about his plan, and it’s usually hard for guys to keep everything a secret form their girlfriends.

Think about it, he wants to surprise you and get everything just right. He doesn’t want to let you down when he makes his big proposal.

  1. His phone is under wraps.

Have you noticed lately that he’s sending messages to someone -or maybe put a password on his phone? You trust him, but something just seems a little weird. It’s definitely possible that he’s trying to cook up a plan for how he’s going to propose to you and needs you to keep your nosy eyes out of his phone.

He might be talking with your friends, your parents, or even shopping for rings online. He can’t risk you stumbling upon one of his conversations or even email confirmations and ruining the surprise.

  1. He went out with your dad.

If your boyfriend is traditional, he may want to ask your dad’s permission before asking you to marry him. If he suddenly has lunch plans with your dad, this could be a sign that he’s getting ready to propose to you. If your guy and dad are buddy-buddy, hitting up the golf course, or even going on a weekend camping trip, get ready, because you could have a proposal coming your way soon!

There’s nothing more exciting than the thought of your man proposing. If you’ve been trying to figure out if he’s going to pop the big question soon, keep an eye out for these six surefire signs. Good luck, we hope he gets down on one knee soon!

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