Single Women in Houston | 5 Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You


Getting a guy to notice you can be easy if you understand the way a guy’s mind works. Most single women in Houston already know that guys tend to like things they see.

They’re extremely visual – and giving off the right look will definitely attract their attention.

But it doesn’t really matter whether you know the guy or not.

All you need to do is follow our expert matchmaking tips and watch him notice you instantly.

5 Expert Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You

Today, our Houston matchmakers are going to show you five killer tips to get a guy to notice you. Single women in Houston, get ready to start turning heads!

  1. Make eye contact with him.

There’s something so hot about meeting a man’s eye. Whether you spot him from across the restaurant and want to catch his attention or you’re having a conversation with him, you want to maintain eye contact. If you let him know how engaged you are, you’ll make it very hard for him to look away from you. Trust us, this is sure to draw him in and keep his attention.

  1. Be engaging with him.

Good conversation is super important for a relationship. Show him that you listen to him and can provide value to a conversation. Let him see that super intelligent side of you. Simply nodding along as he talks without probing further or adding your own input will be boring to him. Plus, if you’re not sure if there’s a good connection, this is a great time to consider whether he is someone you want to continue dating. Just as you want to engage him, you need to make sure he’s engaging you.

  1. Touch him the right way.

Physical touch is such an important part of a relationship. It’s also a very great way to develop a connection with a guy. Keep it simply and G-rated. Touch his shoulders when tells a joke. Touch his hand as you elaborate during a story. Touch can be so electrifying and really conveys your interest for him.

  1. Captivate him with your smell.

Just like touch, the power of smell can get you noticed right away. It’s an unspoken way to leave a pleasant memory. Having a signature scent is key for getting his attention. Finding fragrances and playing around with different ones can be super fun but having one that is your own style will definitely make him remember you. If you don’t have a signature scent, go to the mall right now and get one. Not all fragrances smell the same on everyone, making whichever one you find truly your own when it’s worn on you.

  1. Be bold.

This is all about being confident. That’s right, you can’t be afraid to be bold around him. If you see a guy at an event and you think he is cute – or there is a guy in your office that you like – don’t wait for him to make the first move. Go for it. Start the conversation and introduce yourself. You don’t want to wait on the sidelines for life to happen to you. You can go out and make it happen yourself. This will show any guy that you know what you want and aren’t afraid to go after it.

Single women in Houston, it’s time to start taking the initiative to get the guy you want. As long as you’re confident, fun, smart, and alluring, we know you’ll start turning heads in no time.

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