Friendswood Dating Service | 3 Signs He Wants to Break Up

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Confrontation isn’t something everyone likes to engage in. As the best Friendswood dating service, we know this is especially true when it comes to couples and dating. There are people who would rather stew in debilitating unsaid words than speak up and do something about the problem at hand. Your boyfriend might be one of them if he’s unhappy with you and the relationship. The only way to find out before he says anything to you is to watch for the signs he’s unhappy – or totally over the relationship.

Are you concerned about your relationship? Does it feel like your guy is pulling away?

Today, our Friendswood dating service is going to show you the top warning signs he wants to end the relationship.

  1. He will cheat on you.

When a man has zero respect for you or the relationship, and – in fact – can’t stand either, he’ll cheat without thinking twice about it. Especially if he doesn’t have the courage to actually end the relationship. It sounds ridiculous to you because if you’re not happy, you’ll do something about it. But he’ll keep stringing you along, thinking everything is okay when in reality it isn’t.

This is the final nail in the coffin if he wants to break up with you. He can’t bear to be with you in any sense except perhaps a Facebook post – although the clock is ticking on that as well. Maybe he’s already started a new relationship. Or perhaps he’s fallen into an emotional affair – he spills all his hopes, dreams, and secrets to another girl. Ouch, you used to be the one to fulfill that role. If he’s not happy with you, though, he won’t think twice about cheating on you.

  1. He will leave you.

One of the top things a guy will do when he wants to break up with you is leave. Really, what’s the point in sticking around for something you no longer want to be a part of? Even if there are extenuating circumstances, like children, pets, or a house, if he wants to end the relationship, he’ll figure a way to end it.

In all honesty, leaving is probably the best thing he could do for the relationship. Why beat around the bush and waste everyone’s time instead of pulling the plug and ending things right now? This move is the one that takes the most courage, rather than playing games for a long time. Leaving and saying goodbye to a bad relationship – or at least in his eyes – can save you both a lot of trouble and heartache in the end.

  1. He will accuse you.

If a guy is feeling like he’s not as into you or the relationship – without having a good reason for his change of heart – he may start accusing you of things for no reason. He doesn’t know how to end the relationship so he’s accusing you for things you didn’t do. In a weird, reverse way, he’s acknowledging his own behavior, because in some twisted way, he might want you to know that he’s unhappy in the relationship. And odd as it is, these are the exacts things he’s doing to deal with it.

When your boyfriend starts accusing you of things you didn’t do, it might be a red flag that he is the one doing those things. This is especially true if he’s accusing you of texting other guys or even cheating. If he’s saying you’re cheating on him, it’s because he’s doing the cheating himself.

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