Mature Dating in Houston | 3 Tips to Keep a Guy Interested

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Mature dating in Houston is very competitive. With that being said, you must know how to keep a guy interested in you. After all, it’s so easy to move onto the next option in today’s dating scene.

Want to know how to keep a guy interested in you no matter what? Our Houston matchmakers have some expert tips you’re going to love.

Many women assume that guys are fickle and have low interest span.

But in reality, guys are no different than women when it comes to relationships.

Guys, just like women, love novelty.

And they want to be with someone who is desirable and knows how to be in a relationship.

You want to be that type of girl?

3 Surefire Ways to Keep Him Hooked on You

You will with our expert matchmaking tips.

Today, our matchmakers are going to show expert tips for keeping a guy hooked on you.

  1. Compliment other women.

Do you know what men love? Women who are not the jealous type. So how do you compliment other women? Here’s an example: you two are out to eat together, and he quickly glances over at a beautiful woman who just walked in the restaurant. You notice, and you openly admit, “Hey, that girl is gorgeous.”

He will totally like that you don’t mind complimenting other women and you will win points in your favor. You might be wondering how, exactly, that will keep him hooked on you? It shows that you are confident in yourself and don’t let other beautiful women threaten your relationship. It lets him see that if he is dating you, you won’t be worried about other women.

  1. Do not commit too soon.

The most important advice to get a guy hooked on you? Do not act like his girlfriend if he hasn’t made things official yet.

If, before even dating, you’re already acting like you’re in a relationship with him and things are serious, like being clingy, he’ll pick up on those negative vibes and walk away from you. What keeps him around is good energy, and feeling comfortable in your presence.

Do not make him feel pressured. Let go of all your fears and insecurities and do not lock into commitment too soon.

  1. Never let yourself go.

There is a reason why he fell for you, and the number-one mistake a woman can make is getting into a relationship and letting herself go.

Once a woman decides that she no longer feels like getting dolled up for date night, or getting dressed to go out, her man will notice and feel that he was cheated because the woman he’s with is no longer putting in effort in the relationship.

He wants to be with the woman he fell in love with, not the one he doesn’t recognize today. No, you don’t have to get dolled up every day of your life, but looking good from time to time will definitely help you out. Just putting a little bit of effort into your appearance will go a long way for keeping him hooked on you for good.

Keeping a guy around for the long-term is all about being an independent and confident woman. Use these three tips from our Houston matchmakers and you’ll be able to keep your guy hooked for good.

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