Single Women in Houston | 5 Tips to Have a Date with Yourself

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Single women in Houston, this dating blog is for you! Let go of the idea that plus-one is necessary for having a good time. If you can’t live life to the fullest on your own, what level of fun do you expect to contribute when you enter a relationship? Its time to do something fun on your own.

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Single Life

If you’re single and want to start enjoying life without a partner, this is the article for you! Today, our Houston matchmakers are going to show you the top things you can do to have a date with yourself.

  1. Take yourself out for lunch.

Unlimited salad and bread sticks for lunch? Absolutely! There’s no rule that dining out requires a minimum of two people. Even if there was, then you could simply grab a seat at the bar. Lunch hour at the local restaurants can be super fun and exciting. You could even bring work or a book along as you head out to the local coffee shop and settle in for a relaxing lunch break. If you’re feeling a little daring, maybe even sneak a little afternoon buzz by paring a margarita with your tacos.

  1. Go out for some retail therapy.

We all don’t have large bank accounts with money to blow all the time. But dating yourself doesn’t have to be expensive. Window shopping at the local mall is totally free and fun. If you go alone, you can try on as many tops as you want without having a boyfriend complain and whine the whole time. You may even snag a good coupon for a future mall trip. If you do see something you like, it’s okay to splurge a little every once in a while. Looking good with some new clothes will also make you feel more confident and secure in yourself. And whether it’s in your work, social, or romantic life, you simply can’t go wrong with that!

  1. Have a spa day.

Being pampered is always a great way to indulge and treat yourself. You work hard and deserve to be treated like a princess from time to time. Getting a mani-pedi and blowout will only complement the independent woman that you are. You don’t need a guy to pamper you when you can pamper yourself. Every woman deserves a good pampering session every now and again.

  1. Go to a concert or show

If there’s a band you’ve always wanted to go see, then go! Don’t limit yourself from an adventure just waiting around for someone to come along. You’ll already be surrounded with many people who have the same interest as you. You could make some new friends, expand your social circle, or even meet someone you hit it off with. That’s not the goal in going, but hey, it’s a perk!

  1. Go to a group class.

There are so many options for outings on places like and Facebook events where you go and mingle with like-minded people in your area. There are so many ways to explore your personal interests when you’re not held back in a relationship. How many times have you ended up somewhere you had to compromise with someone? Don’t waste any more of your free time and do the things you want to do. Your time can be invested back into yourself.

Single women in Houston, don’t let your single status hold you back! Start living your life and having fun on your own. We encourage you to use some of these ideas this upcoming weekend and get in touch with yourself again.

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