Houston Matchmakers | 3 Reasons Not to Force Him to Commit


Stuck in dating limbo? Want to get him to commit? As Houston matchmakers with over 30 years in the Houston dating industry, we have the relationship advice you need.

Even finding yourself in a committed relationship can be tricky and rare. Unfortunately, our Houston matchmakers know there are many women out there who find themselves dating guys who can’t or won’t commit for many different reasons. This type of relationship limbo can be incredibly annoying for anyone who wants something serious. Furthermore, it’s also the kind of frustrating situation that can’t, or often shouldn’t, be solved by one party in the relationship trying to coax or even force the other into commitment. So if you have found yourself in this type of situation and want to make him commit, think twice.

3 Reasons Not to Force Him to Commit

Today, our Houston matchmakers are going to show you the top three reasons why you shouldn’t force him to commit to you.

  1. He’s not ready for commitment.

It would be incredibly convenient if everyone in the world ran at the same speed as us, right? But there is always a possibility that your man is unwilling to commit to you because he simply isn’t ready for commitment yet. And ultimately, trying to force him to commit won’t work. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t help him on his way to try to make him comfortable with the idea of commitment. But ultimately, it will be his decision to commit to you. You simply can’t force commitment onto someone that isn’t ready for it.

  1. Because you’re not ready.

Having a serious commitment with each other can certainly give you a sense of confidence and security in the state of your relationship. But something that you should always consider before trying to get serious is whether or not that’s something you really want because of your deep feelings for your partner.

It’s always possible that you’re looking for commitment simply for the sake of having it – not because you want to be in a committed relationship with this particular person. Do you want to nail down a commitment just so you can feel secure in the relationship? Then perhaps you should wait until it’s more about your partner than about you.

  1. Because you want it to be genuine.

It’s pretty safe to say that if most people like to move things quickly in dating. If they had the option to just fast forward the development of their relationship into a solid and loving partnership, they would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can replace the time that relationships take in order to become solid. While you could always ask for commitment before you’re really ready, it’s not smart. It could leave you with a label of committed relationship without the actual meaning behind it. You should always wait for commitment to come naturally.

Ladies, if you really want commitment from a man, then clearly you want it to be genuine. If you rush your timetable, then you might wind up being disappointed in the end.

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