Mature Singles in Houston | 5 Ways Guys Ruin Relationships

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Many mature singles in Houston would say that dating and relationships are tough today. But our Houston matchmakers know that’s not always the case. Relationships are really quite simple if you know how to do things right. But first, you need to understand the dynamic at play in order to make things work. When you don’t, however, you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure it all out.

No one intentionally seeks to ruin a relationship, at least not someone normal. But of course, guys have a habit of ruining their relationships and making their partner run away fast.

Do you have a habit of reeling women in but losing them just as fast? Is it something you’re doing?

On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you’re the one who always ends up with guys who sabotage the relationship.

5 Ways Guys Ruin Relationships

Mature singles in Houston, this dating blog is for you. Get ready to find out how to stop driving women away. Today, our Houston matchmakers are going to reveal the biggest ways guy ruin relationships.

  1. Joking Around in a Rude Way

Similarly, is being mean in public. Jokes are supposed to be funny, and sometimes they can be self-inflicting. But if the jokes are constantly taking aim at you so he can get a good laugh, that’s totally not right. Period. If you ask him to stop and he still refuses, it’s time you reevaluate your relationship.

  1. Acting in Front of Friends & Family

It’s actually very common that your boyfriend acts one way in front of you and completely different in front of your friends/family. So this shouldn’t be a problem. But if his attitude does a full 180 flip, that’s something to worry about.

It means he’s attempting to be someone he’s not, and you can’t seem to tell which one is the real version. It’s probably not wise to date someone like this.

  1. Can’t Compromise

Sure, you knew your guy was slightly stubborn getting into the relationship. But now that you two are in a committed relationship, he downright refuses to compromise on even the smallest of things.

What happens if you actually end up moving in together? Does that mean you’ll have to deal with him throwing a hissy fit over you wanting a certain style of furniture? Furthermore, if he won’t budge on any compromises now, chances are he won’t down the road.

  1. Hates Animals

Never trust a guy who hates animals, especially if your animal doesn’t like him. Sure, he may have a good excuse, like he was once bit by a dog walking down the street. This is fine if he underwent a traumatic event that scarred him for life.

But if he’s downright mean to animals and literally hates them, thanks but no thanks. We’re not keeping a guy around who downright hates animals – period.

  1. Calling Exes Crazy

There may be a lot of men who can really say that their ex was crazy. Let’s face it, a lot of girls today are crazy. But when he can’t name one ex-girlfriend who wasn’t, as he so lovingly puts it, that’s not right. He’s the common denominator here, and he’s probably the crazy one. If a guy says that “all” his exes are crazy, you need to kick him out.

Guys, if you’re guilty of any of these behaviors in your relationships, beware. You’re sabotaging your dating life.

Ladies, if you come across a guy who displays these relationship red flags, get away. There’s no point in staying with a guy who is going to waste your time. You’re never going to be happy with a guy who treats you like this.

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