Real Stories, Real Success.

Here at Houston Singles, we take great pride in matching our members.

Everyday matches are being made and members are falling in love.

Below are some of the members who found love at Houston Singles.

Charles & Francesca

Charles and Francesca are a beautiful now married couple that started their dating journeys with Houston Singles in 2022.  The two of them had each only had a few introductions before they found each other, and knew they wanted to be together forever.  Their story of love thru our service is amazing.

Andy & Amy

Life is beautiful for Andy and Amy after meeting through Houston Singles. They discovered their love for each other and did not have any hesitations about being together after dating exclusively for over a year.  They are now living a marvelous life together, traveling and doing the things they both love to do.

Tom & Brenda

In short amount of time, Tom and Brenda realized they were a match made in heaven.  This beautiful couple eloped in another country after dating for several months, and they are now happily married.  They are perfect for each other and are sharing their amazing love together!

James & Shannon

James and Shannon both came to Houston singles after experiencing heartbreak by divorce wondering if they would ever find their soulmate.  They were matched in 2020 and are now happily married and blending their lives with their grown children.   They believe now that they did indeed find their forever with each other.

Barry & Alcira

Barry and Alcira were introduced by Houston Singles in February 2020.  After dating exclusively for about one year, they became engaged and had a beautiful destination wedding.  They are living their happy ever after lives together and are thrilled to have found each other thru us.

Miles & Terry

After having quite a few introductions, Miles and Terry were introduced to each other on her very first introduction.  They have now been dating for almost a year, and they now see a forever future together as they travel the globe.

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